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Celebrating Music Excellence in the Durham Region

Award Platinum Title
Brand Usage License

Promotional rights to use OMA name and logo for internal and external communications, advertising, and promotional use

3 months 6 months 1 year
Access to OMA branded photos and videos for promo use Award related only Selected All
Integrate your logo or wordmark with ours

Brand logo/wordmark integration with OMA logo or with OMA specific award

Award specific Secondary Primary
Be visible in all our E-Newsletters

OMA newsletter to OMW and OMA website subscribers. One mention per month within 6 month promotional period. Logo sizes are in relation to the OMA logo

1/4 logo size 1/2 logo size Same size
Company mention in our press releases In-context of sponsored award Selected press releases All press releases
Social Media Mentioned Posts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

5 10 20
Social Media Sponsored Posts

Approx. 50,000-100,000 audience reach per post

2 5 10
Website Banner Slots

Shared with other advertisers, if available

Square Skyscraper Leaderboard
Website Logo Positions Award category sub-pages only Marquee exposure share Header & Marquee exposure share
Print Advertorials Award related materials Selected materials All materials

A3 size, 500 pieces, at local venues and selected retail stores, company logo size in relation to OMA logo

1/4 logo size 1/2 logo size Same size

1 billboard, located in Downtown Oshawa, company logo size in relation to OMA logo

1/4 logo size 1/2 logo size Same size
Radio Mentions - - All placements
TV Mentions - - All placements
Sponsor logo on signage materials Award related only Selected All
Show Script Mention

Brand mentioning in MC / presenters' scripts

1 time 2 times 5 times
Multimedia (A/V)

Sponsor's logo displayed on stage background LCD screens

During specfied award announcement Before and after show plus intermission Before and after show, intermission and between sequences

OMA produced gift bags to deliver Sponsor's samplings or products to guests

1 item 2 items 3 items

Sponsor's logo on OMA produced merchandise (items to be confirmed)

Award related only Selected All
Sponsor's logo on OMA staff t-shirts - Sleeve Back
Photo backdrop

Logo appearance printed on backdrops in relation to OMA logo

1/4 frequency 1/2 frequency Same frequency

Sponsor’s logo engraved on award trophy

1/4 size as OMA logo and business name in copy - ¼ size as OMA logo
Sponsor’s logo printed behind seat covers - - V
Designated booth space 1 table and chair 2 tables and chairs
VIP Tickets

VIP tickets include priority lane, VIP reception with food and drinks

2 tickets 5 tickets 10 tickets
Complimentary Beverages 2 tickets 5 tickets 10 tickets
Reserved Parking 2 spots 5 spots 10 spots